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Reminder no classes 24th -27th June. Gone Skiing!!

Latest Happenings page has all the current courses.

Yogatopia is now an Active Kids Provider

A reminder Students must
Sign in on arrival
Wash hands with soap or hand sanitiser on arrival
If you have any symptoms or are exposed to anyone with symptoms please do not attend classes
Bring your own mats, blankets, eyebags, water bottles
Do not share water stations / kitchen equipment
Do not gather in waiting areas and go straight to the designated mat areasStay on the mat during the class
No partner work or physical adjustments allowed
No cleansing breathes or chanting permitted
I ask that you bring 2 extra large or 4 regular pillow cases to each class to put on top of the bolsters. I will have them covered in plastic bags
Please disinfect mats/ pillow cases / equipment at home between uses
Virtual Live Classes
If you are unable to keep up your sessions in person then I would love for you to join classes in an online capacity.  As many of you know, that thank God I am a teacher, as I am hopeless at paperwork and modern social media still challenges me.  So I ask you be tolerant for the first few weeks while I get my head around it. 

Please invite any friends that have expressed interest in starting Yoga / Meditation or who you feel needs the spiritual support / connection at this challenging time to consider our online offerings while they are stuck at home. I know nothing takes the place of coming together as a community group, in the beautiful and supportive setting of Yogatopia, and having our watchful eyes and firm hands there to adjust and support you.  But, I have absolute confidence in our abilities as professional teachers to guide you through well structured, challenging and uplifting virtual classes and personalised sessions in an online capacity. 

Virtual private sessions are now available online via Zoom or FaceTime.  Please email cheree@yogatopia.com.au to request your specific session times.  $10 classes to help with technology and equipment costs.

Live online mat classes will run as below for the next 3 weeks. 
Monday: 5:30pm Hatha and 7pm Yin
Wednesday: 9:45am Hatha  5:30pm Hatha, 7pm Beginners
Thursday: 5:30pm Yin
Friday:  9:45am Hatha
Saturday: 9am Hatha, 10:30am Yin

How do the classes work?• We will run our sessions and classes via Zoom• You can book your session by emailing cheree@yogatopia.com.au or request a recurring booking if preferred.• Initially, I will email you links to the meeting time requested. Click the link 5 minutes before the meeting, follow the prompts and we’ll end up Face to Face and ready to move

What you will need for an on-line practice
A quiet place away from children, dogs and partners.  I recommend you make this a spiritually and aesthetically pleasing place for you.2 metres square (social distancing requirements tell your family) so you can stretch out to ceiling, sides and move your arms overhead on the floor without hitting any thing.A blank wall. A good wifi connectionThe camera on a laptop has a wider lens than your phone. This is the preferred option as we’ll get a better view of you.We’ll be able to see you most clearly if your laptop is high and on an angle to you. A bed, bookshelf, desk or table should work. Download the zoom app: www://zoom.us/downloadWear clothing that is a different colour to the background of your exercise space. Use a mat or a towel to differentiate the space.An area that is not backlit for us to see you moving bestAll of your props ready to goPhone on silent.

Props for home practice 
If you would like to continue home practice, especially for Yin Restorative classes, I recommend2 blocks, a strap, blanket, eye mask1 large Bolsters1 small bolster or use an old pillowI did some research and the mats, blocks, eye masks and straps are cheaper from K-mart / Target or the like. 
Yoga bolsters can be purchased trough IYoga props. https://iyogaprops.com.au

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Please know that this may take some getting use to for all of us, but we are here for you, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns or support.