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Now more than ever before it is our duty, our dharma to be the lighthouse”. 

NO Classes Oct Long Weekend Saturday -Monday

Special Event – World Peace Day 21st Sept                                                            Glow in the dark Kundalini Rocketship Yoga & Meditation 7:30-9pm with Cheree $25  Now more than ever before it is our duty, our dharma to be the lighthouse. We need to burn this candle at every juncture in our day. We now need to magnify this light 10, 100, 1000 times!  This is active, loud, purposeful peace work. In meditation, we cultivate our inner space to be receptive to the Peace that lives within us, around us, and everywhere. With Kundalini Yoga and meditation we prepare our physical and subtle bodies to vibrate at the frequency of Peace. Join us afterwards for a cup of tea.

Yin Restorative 5 week Course with Cheree / Monday 25th Sept -30th Oct / 7-8:15pm / $110  2nd Oct Restorative Rewind – A quiet yoga practice that will help you find your inner stillness. Restorative Yoga is the perfect antidote to a harried, urban lifestyle — and is a wonderful complement to more vigorous yoga practices. We will use gentle repetitive movements to lubricate and warm the joints and then long held passive stretches to release tight muscles and connective tissue. 

6 Weeks Slow Flow Traditional Hatha Yoga Course (suitable for beginners) with Nopi -Tuesday 22nd August – 26th Sept  /  6-7:15pm / $126  / $25 casual Slow flow yoga is a meditative yet strong flow practice. It involves holding postures, transitioning smoothly and mindfully, moving deeper into one’s body and mind. This practice builds strength, and by slowing down the breath calms the nervous system allowing the body to lengthen. Slow flow yoga is a challenging practice, yet suitable for beginners to practice to their own ability.

Sunday Spring Intensive with Cheree  Cleanse, Balance and Reinvigorate this Spring Be the best version of you!! Sunday 15th Oct / 9am – 12pm / $75 /$60 Early Bird paid by Fri 22nd September The spring yoga intensive will assist the Liver and Gall Bladder meridians in regulating the flow of vital energy throughout the whole body helping to clear any stagnation, improving digestion, menstrual cycles, and quality blood flow nourishing tissues for action. Experience Specific purifying asanas from a range of traditions that open and activate the liver and gall bladder to get things moving again, Breath work to refine the energy channels and bring balance, Kundalini meditation to purify the mind, Yin restorative poses and Shaking Medicine practices to heal repressed emotions, Sacred gong, crystal bowl healing. Suitable for all levels of experience

“Know the Bow”  4 Week Bowspring Course Wednesday Oct TBC / 7-8:15pm / $88 /$25 casual with Cheree  We will learn how to create lightness, through using the body in harmony.  The Bowspring Practice will help to increase body awareness, functional movement and increase mindfulness in mind and body. The beauty of the Bowspring is it is rooted in being dynamic yet functional for everyone.  Come join us for fun, springy movement that will leave you feeling lighter, more free, with a gained knowledge of your own body.  The workshop is open to all experience levels.

Kids / Adults 5 Week Yoga Course Thursdays 4:15-5:15pm  – 12th Oct – 9th November  $80 / $100 adults  Suitable for children 3 +, teenagers and adults. This is an ideal way for mums / dads / carer givers to come together to stretch, strengthen, relax and replenish body, mind and spirit while the kids do too. A fun and empowering course for children, to learn about the breath, posture, body awareness, visualisation, chanting and meditation. 

“Empowerment Series’ Kundalini Yoga 6 Week Course with Dhanraj – Thursday 7.30-9.00pm  / 12th Oct – 16th Nov/  $132 / $25 casual. Kundalini Yoga acts as a mirror. It reflects where we are on our path, acknowledges our strengths, and supports us as we journey to light up and grow in our areas of weakness. Empowerment is the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in claiming one’s life and one’s rights. When we sit on our mats, tune in, and connect to our highest self, we are committing to that loving reflection. Call or text: Joanne 0418230485 to book your place 

Sacred Gong and Crystal Bowl Healing with Dhanraj Friday 20th Oct 7-8:3pm $25 Healing comes from inside, consciousness changes from our core. It is from a cellular level and from the depths of our mind and soul that we release the chaos and confusion within. As we clear from within we attain balance, clarity and wisdom. This inner alignment creates harmony in the outer world. Please confirm your place Joanne Mob : 0418230485


“Well..   Where do I start ? The tone , the preparation, the finer details were all perfectly refined for a wonderful explore of our yoga practice and our souls
We loved everything .
Food and accommodation was great as well “. Love Deb and PHIL
“Thank you Cheree and Jo for the most wonderful yoga retreat. I know I feel enriched and enlightened by it. You are both truly amazing teachers who give so much and I feel blessed to be one of your students”. Fiona X 

“Cheree and Jo,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. This was by far the best retreat I have been on to date. Not only was it an incredible bonding time with my mum, i also feel that the shift within was very powerful. It was a very intense retreat but you both were so organised and had put so much thought into the planning that it really worked well.
I have nothing but the strongest praise and appreciation.
P.s I cant believe the change in my mum!” Lauren

“I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most memorable experience. Made doubly so by bonding with Lauren. I feel like a new person……totally invigorated with energy, love & good vibes. Everywhere I went yesterday people smiled at me! Gillian

Detox in 2 Hours

5 valvesHow often do you change the oil in your car? Our bodies, like a car engine, can also benefit from a regular tune up. With our Hatha Yoga Cleansing Techniques you can detox your body in 2 hours and gain the benefits such as renewed energy, helping to give up smoking, reduce cravings and rebalancing moods and emotions while restoring and maintaining internal and external health.

Prices are $210 for 2 hours for up to 2 people. Bookings essential and this practice must be done early in the morning.