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NO  CLASSES  MONDAY the 1st Oct.

“The only way to experience true wellbeing is to turn inward. This is what yoga means – not up, not out, but in. The only way out is in.” – Sadhguru 

Price changes $25 drop in class, $200 for 10 class pass valid 3 months.             Bookings Essential for the following workshops & courses. E:

As well as offering Private Yoga Therapy sessions, Cheree is also a Spiritual Healer. She offers Aurasoma Colour Therapy Sessions which are used as tool to identify the deep seated cause of issues. She then uses her 7 years of psychology training to help you deal and heal what you have been holding onto. Cheree also teachers Buteyko Breathing which is a natural approach to asthma, anxiety and sleep disturbances such as snoring. Sessions are $110 each or 3 for $297

Prosperity and Abundance:  4 Week Course  20thSept – 11thOctober  7.30pm-9.00pm Thursdays  

Your Investment: 4  week $88  OR $25 per casual visit.  Bookings essential as limited places Contact : Dhanraj(Jo) Mob : 0418230485                    

Prosperity consciousness:

  1. Prosperity is the opposite of greed; prosperous people allow the flow of money and goods through their lives
  2. Prosperous people do not hoard toxic emotions
  3. Prosperous people exhibit self-esteem and self-worth
  4. Prosperous people are empowered and empowering
  5. Prosperous people are openhearted and openhanded
  6. Prosperous people are intuitive and creative
  7. Prosperous people fulfil their destinies

Prosperous consciousness is a state of harmony between body, mind and spirit-Prosperous people have their needs met and the needs of those they care for are also met.

Put a Spring back in your Step – 3 hour Bowspring Workshop

with Cheree Sunday 7th October 9am -12 noon $60

The Bowspring practice embraces an alignment that allows for lightness, power and readiness. The optimal postural alignment system of The Bowspring is a template for people of all ages and can be applied to yoga, athletics and everyday functional movements. Instead of embracing a static and stacked alignment, the Bowspring is a curved, dynamic and active posture. The Bowspring takes us back to our more natural state of posture and away from a passive and inactive posture.  Bookings Essential

Yin Bliss – Restorative Rewind– 5 Week Course with Cheree  
Mondays 3rd Sept -8th Oct (no class Monday 1st Oct) / 7-8:15pm / $110  
Yin Yoga is a passive, deeply meditative and relaxing yet powerful form of Yoga that uses long slow stretches, breath awareness and guided imagery to heal at the deepest level. Very popular class please book early if interested. In our modern world we need time to let go and let our body really rest without self-meditating.

Next Yin Course 15th Oct -12th Nov

Friday 12th Oct 7-8:30pm $25  
“Self Care…Time Out..Relax” Sacred Gong and Crystal Bowl Healing with Dhanraj

Join us for some light yoga on a journey and transformation in the same way Yogi’s have for thousands of years. Using the intricate, complex, holistic resonance of the Gong and crystal bowls we move into a spontaneous state of meditation and deep relaxation. We transform the mind, body and spirit through the vibrations of the sound current.    

Next Gong Session 2nd Nov

 5 week Beginners Course – 16th Oct -13th Nov, 2018 Tuesday  evenings / 6.00 – 7.15pm / $110 

Do you want to Sleep Better 
and Feel better? Discover the wonderful health benefits of yoga in a safe and encouraging environment. At Yogatopia Drummoyne everybody can practice to his or her own ability. Our beginners Hatha Yoga course is suitable for all body types and anyone considering starting a Yoga practice. A regular Yoga practice offers many benefits: stress relief, better breathing, increased strength, greater mobility, improved circulation, focus on the present and inner peace, to name a few.

“At a recent business retreat, I invited Cheree Price ( to provide an early morning practice that would set participants up for a day of learning and co-creating. She provided a practice of gentle stretches, strengthening energisers and quiet self-connection that was accessible to all. In addition, participants left with the knowledge and skills to use the practice in their lives beyond work.  

As a coach who works with teams and individuals, it matters to me that my clients come to coaching supported in their well-being. I highly recommend Cheree (with her 30 years of teaching multiple forms of yoga) as your “go to” provider as you support employees to thrive”.

Anne Deane
Communication and Leadership Coach

“Well..   Where do I start ? The tone , the preparation, the finer details were all perfectly refined for a wonderful explore of our yoga practice and our souls We loved everything . Food and accommodation was great as well “. Love Deb and PHIL “Thank you Cheree and Jo for the most wonderful yoga retreat. I know I feel enriched and enlightened by it. You are both truly amazing teachers who give so much and I feel blessed to be one of your students”. Fiona X 

“Cheree and Jo, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. This was by far the best retreat I have been on to date. Not only was it an incredible bonding time with my mum, i also feel that the shift within was very powerful. It was a very intense retreat but you both were so organised and had put so much thought into the planning that it really worked well. I have nothing but the strongest praise and appreciation. P.s I cant believe the change in my mum!” Lauren

“I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most memorable experience. Made doubly so by bonding with Lauren. I feel like a new person……totally invigorated with energy, love & good vibes. Everywhere I went yesterday people smiled at me! Gillian

Detox in 2 Hours

5 valvesHow often do you change the oil in your car? Our bodies, like a car engine, can also benefit from a regular tune up. With our Hatha Yoga Cleansing Techniques you can detox your body in 2 hours and gain the benefits such as renewed energy, helping to give up smoking, reduce cravings and rebalancing moods and emotions while restoring and maintaining internal and external health.

Prices are $210 for 2 hours for up to 2 people. Bookings essential and this practice must be done early in the morning.