“At a recent business retreat, I invited Cheree Price (yogatopia.com.au) to provide an early morning practice that would set participants up for a day of learning and co-creating. She provided a practice of gentle stretches, strengthening energisers and quiet self-connection that was accessible to all. In addition, participants left with the knowledge and skills to use the practice in their lives beyond work.  

As a coach who works with teams and individuals, it matters to me that my clients come to coaching supported in their well-being. I highly recommend Cheree (with her 30 years of teaching multiple forms of yoga) as your “go to” provider as you support employees to thrive”.

Anne Deane
Communication and Leadership Coach

Hi Cheree,

A severe motor vehicle accident rendered my right shoulder almost unusable with
severe nerve and joint damage. The prognosis given by my surgical care team was
bleak at best. After sustaining the injury, conventional physiotherapy only got
me so far.

Although very sceptical at first, my recovery through a mix of yoga, one on one
sessions, and yoga workshops, Cheree at Yogatopia gave me more than anything I
thought possible. Two years on, I’m more active before sustaining my injuries.
Milestones include getting back in the pool swimming, cycling, yoga, and

I am forever grateful for having met Cheree and the methods to get me where I’m
Jamie X


Hi Cheree,

Just wanted to let you know that this is the first
week in months and months that I’ve experienced little or no lower back pain –
I honestly can’t believe it!  I know it was due to our class last week,
even though it was tough for me and I felt sure I wouldn’t benefit from it as I
could hardly do the poses.


Morning darling Cheree🌞 babe, ive been wanting to tell you all week, thankyou. Thankyou from my heart and soul for the beautiful, enriching class you held last Monday. Honestly Cheree, that  was the therapy and calling that i have needed and missed so much during the past 12mths. You are a gift to me. You’ve been a pillar in my life for the last 12yrs whether in a class or during times i havent been able to attend. You’re a natural teacher, spiritually, physically and humanly, i know that you are one of my living guides and always will be, near or far. You instruct us on the physical and you guide and speak to us deeper to the metaphysical, helping us to listen, feel and see what we need but what we cant on our own. You’re a teacher, a guide, your voice and message is what i come to listen to.
…. last week, the music you had playing and your voice brought me back. Without a doubt, it was the ‘nectar’ you spoke about. It was enriching and soothing😌♥️🧚 thankyou for youxxxx



I believe that if people meet you and do your yoga class they’ll be hooked!!!!

Have a great weekend


Alison Bird


 Dear Cheree,

 I have been putting off writing this testimonial for a couple of
weeks because I wanted to see if this ‘system’ continues to improve
my sleep and well-being…and it has…dramatically!

I don’t really know where to begin except that to say the name ‘Breath
Retraining’ is probably not the correct title to give something that is so
essential to life. I began my sessions a couple of weeks ago because I was feel
completely exhausted and burnt out. My main problem is that I could sleep for
eight, ten or twelve hours a night and still wake up feeling like I hadn’t been
to bed. It really did not matter how much sleep I got. I used to set my alarm
clock for an hour before I had to get up so I could wake, lie there feeling
miserable and try to get one hours decent sleep. Now I wake up before the first
alarm feeling refreshed and invigorated and wanting to get out of bed.

My level of exhaustion was making me think I had some sort of mood disorder but
now I know that this was purely from not sleeping properly every night. After
the first session with Cheree I slept amazingly well that night to the point
that I looked different when I looked in the mirror in the morning. I used to
wear so much under eye concealer to cover the black bags under my eyes
that I could have taken out shares in a make-up company. Now I wear
practically none and people are commenting on how rested I look. The other
thing I have noticed is that because I am not so exhausted anymore I
am not eating as much junk food. Until I did the Breath Retraining class
I was eating at least half a packet of Menthos lollies a day
to boost my energy now I am eating none. I don’t crave or want them at

Last year I was also diagnosed with Epilepsy. My new vitality and
breathing is helping me to manage this incredibly well. I am a lot more
optimistic about dealing with this condition now.

I have also started using my new breathing when I go to the gym. The results
are remarkable. Before I used to feel completely fatigued afterwards to
the point I felt like I had to have a nap after a hard workout, now I could go
back and do a second one. 

I keep saying to Cheree that this is really bizarre that something so simple
can have such an incredible impact on your health and well-being. Every area of
my life has been changed for the better because of this. My energy for life and
for work have been completely transformed.

I cannot recommend this more highly for its immediate and extraordinary

Nora, Sydney


As a reasonably new client of Cheree Price of Yogatopia, I would like to make the
following comments regarding the successful outcome of my lessons completed to
date: Buteyko Breathing – I am already experiencing a clearer head, better balance, feeling
quite calm and a significant drop in my sleep apnoea measurement to between 0.1
– 0.9 on my CPAP machine, which had been significantly higher prior to
commencing the breathing exercises (2.8 and above).

 Posture – I have benefited from Cheree’s attempts to correct my posture, both from a
breathing perspective and from improved carriage when sitting or walking. 
The latter, mixed with practising a better walking technique, has resulted in a
younger appearance.

I look forward to continued improvements with my breathing, as well as the
benefits to be gained from attending yoga classes.

 Yours faithfully

 Janice Simpson


 Hi Cheree

Just a quick note to thank you for the wonderful
advice / help you have given me.

I cannot believe the difference in my sleep. I am
having the best night’s sleep and wake up feeling incredibly refreshed (&
healthy) Definitely a 10/10 rating now!!! Even if Jack does wake in the middle
of the night, I can immediately put myself back to sleep (previously, I would be
up for about 2-4 hours afterwards)

My breathing / anxiety during the day has
significantly decreased – am not quite a 100%, but on a scale of 1-10, I would
be around 7. (previously, I would of been a 1)

Anyway, hoping to get to a yoga class soon.  

Thanks again

Annie Hathaway