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World renowned Eastern Spirituality and Kundalini Yoga Master Yogi Amandeep, comes to Yogatopia for a workshop of full powered activations. Steeped in the wisdom and traditions of the ancient ones, Yogi Amandeep shares with humility and mastery, teachings that surpass time and space.  His dedication to spread the practices of peace, compassion and healing has seen him tirelessly travel the world in service of the health and transformation of humanity, sentient beings and all life. 

He has helped countless students overcome anxiety, depression, and other barriers to fulfilment.  He is a keynote speaker for technology-centered conferences, where he is leading the space on the conscious use of technology, especially Virtual Reality where he is leading a project on how depression, anxiety, and other mental health related issues can be cured using Virtual Reality. He is an angel adviser to a neurological research project on pain management, as well as to the European Union (Interreg South Balitc Programme) for Well-Being Tourism.  

In the late 60’s, Yogi Bhajan gifted the West the legacy of Kundalini yoga to help humanity “keep up” in this age of information that we are in today: a world where we are constantly receiving input from devices and the technology that surrounds us. 

The teachings of Kundalini yoga are an ancient practice designed to bring us back inside, into union with our inner wisdom and sense of true-self to help us navigate through these modern times where the mind processes more information in one day than people had to process during an entire lifetime in the 1700’s. This technology of kundalini yoga works to strengthen the nervous system to be able to process what we receive with the clarity of intuition and helps to recalibrate the delicate balance between the head and the heart.

Book now for this rare and potent opportunity to gather in elevated consciousness of embodied presence and intuition. Come share the ancient yogic kriyas. Drop in and tune into the ecstasy that lies within. “When you are doing too many things, you are in confusion. When you are in ecstasy, there are only 3 things you can do: laugh, cry, or dance.”  – Yogi Bhajan      Awaken your spirit to the path of the heart, to the will to evolve, and power for growth in the year to come.

The Art of Letting Go – 5 week Kundalini Yoga series with Dhanraj

Thursdays 7.30-9.00pm   / 5th March – 2nd April

How many burdens are we carrying all the time? This series of 5 classes explores the art of letting go, of emptying out so we can create the space, for new things to come into our lives. Now is the time to set intentions and make decisions in your life that are more aligned with your heart’s path. What would you like to release in your life to live more joyously and free? What do you need to let go of? What seeds would you like to plant to see them growing this year and beyond?

Finding Balance in a Busy WorldYin Restorative 5 Week Courses with Cheree

THURSDAY –  5th Mar -2nd Apr /  5:30-6:45pm / $110 / $25 casual 
SATURDAY – 7th Mar – 4th Apr / 10:30- 11:45am / $110 / $25 casual 
MONDAY – 9th Mar -6th Apr  / 7-8:15pm / $110 / $25  (Waitlist)

Yin Yoga is a passive, deeply meditative and relaxing yet powerful form of Yoga that uses long slow stretches, breath awareness and guided imagery to heal at the deepest level. Very popular class please book early if interested.  Passive postures are held for several minutes each to target the connective tissue and fascia around the muscles, ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body. The aim is to create pressure or a build-up of energy to generate change and relieve unnecessary tension. Then when you let go you physically, mentally, emotionally you can experience a deep sense of peace, openness and oneness. This practice is suitable for all ages and stages and is a great adjunct to more dynamic and muscular practices.

Move Your Energy Move Your Life

Kundalini Yoga 6 week Series  Mondays  9.45am – 11am    2nd March – 6th April

Investment $132 0r $25 Casual Bookings Essential: Dhanraj / Jo      Mob 0418230495

Feeling stuck in an area or areas of your life? Needing some guidance to move forward? Kundalini Yoga is an ancient practice that helps you channel powerful energy to transform your life. It is the yoga of deep awareness and transformation.

If our energy reserves are low, we feel weak in body and in spirit, and our ability to persevere through challenging times diminishes. Kundalini Yoga helps us connect to, develop and channel life force–prana. When we tap into this we have the ability to withstand the pressures and daily demands of life. Kundalini yoga moves energy through the body.

This process of releasing energy from the body has the aim of creating a system of communication between the mind and body to relieve mental, physical, and spiritual issues. This system of bringing awareness to the body by connecting with the breath enables us to be present to the gift that is OUR LIFE.

“Being human means being able to transcend the so-called laws of nature and make something happen that is larger than us.”


Hatha Yoga 5/6 week series with Cheree

Restoring the flow to Body and Mind$110 / $25 casual

WEDNESDAYS / 4th Mar – 8th Apr / 9:45-11am / 6 weeks $132
WEDNESDAYS / 4th Mar – 8th Apr / 5:30-6:45pm / 6 weeks $132
    FRIDAYS / 6th Mar – 3rd Apr / 9:45-11am
SATURDAYS / 7th Mar – 4th Apr / 9-10:15am         
MONDAYS / 9th Mar -6th Apr / 5:30-6:45pm 
To find balance we need both movement and stillness. Restoring flow to the different systems of the body helps improve our overall health and well-being. We will do practices for the digestive, circulatory, lymphatic and energetic systems of the body.   Yoga enthusiasts link the practice to a long list of health benefits, including greater flexibility and range of motion, stronger muscles, better posture and balance, reduced emotional and physical stress, and increased self-awareness and self-esteem.  

Beginners / Refresher Yoga 5 Week Course with Cheree

Wednesdays 11th Mar – 8th Apr 7 – 8:15pm / $110 / $25 casual

Do you want to Sleep Better and Feel better? Be more Flexible and Stronger? Reduce Stress and unnecessary Tension? Have Better Emotional, Mental and Physical Balance?

Discover the multitude of psychological and physical health benefits of yoga in a safe and encouraging environment with highly qualified and experienced teachers.  At Yogatopia Drummoyne everybody can practice to their own ability.   Our beginners / refresher courses are suitable for all body types, ages and people at all stages of life.  A regular Yoga practice offers many, many benefits from:  stress relief, better breathing, increased strength, greater mobility, improved circulation, balance and memory,  focus on the present and inner peace, to name a few.

Sacred Gong / Sound Healing – Spiritual Activation with Dhanraj (Jo)                
Monday 13th April    3:30-5pm / $25  

Healing comes from inside, consciousness changes from our core. It is from a cellular level and from the depths of our mind and soul that we release the chaos and confusion within. As we clear from within we attain balance, clarity and wisdom. This inner alignment creates harmony in the outer world.   Time to align with Peace………………..It exists right here right now.  Join us for some light yoga on a journey and transformation in the same way Yogi’s have for thousands of years. Using the intricate, complex, holistic resonance of the Gong and crystal bowls we move into a spontaneous state of meditation and deep relaxation. We transform the mind, body and spirit through the vibrations of the sound current.