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All workshop must be paid and booked in Advance  min @ max numbers apply

Direct Transfer (not BPAY) to Yogatopia  BSB  812170  AC 169396 with name & send receipt to E:  cheree@yogatopia.com.au

Upcoming Courses with Cheree  NB: No classes 1st April to 7th April Easter long weekend.

Beginners/ Refresher Yoga Series
Wednesdays  7 – 8:15pm / $110 / $25 casual

Do you want to Sleep Better and Feel better? Be more Flexible and Stronger? Reduce Stress and unnecessary Tension? Have Better Emotional, Mental and Physical Balance?

Discover the multitude of psychological and physical health benefits of yoga in a safe and encouraging environment with highly qualified and experienced teachers.  At Yogatopia Drummoyne everybody can practice to their own ability.   Our beginners / refresher courses are suitable for all body types, ages and people at all stages of life.  A regular Yoga practice offers many, many benefits from:  stress relief, better breathing, increased strength, greater mobility, improved circulation, balance and memory,  focus on the present and inner peace, to name a few.

Healing comes from inside, consciousness changes from our core. It is from a cellular level and from the depths of our mind and soul that we release the chaos and confusion within. As we clear from within we attain balance, clarity and wisdom. This inner alignment creates harmony in the outer world.   Time to align with Peace………………..It exists right here right now.  Join us for some light yoga on a journey and transformation in the same way Yogi’s have for thousands of years. Using the intricate, complex, holistic resonance of the Gong and crystal bowls we move into a spontaneous state of meditation and deep relaxation. We transform the mind, body and spirit through the vibrations of the sound current.

  • Wednesday / 7-8:15pm  / 3rd Mar -31st Mar  / $110 

Yin Courses Theme: “Restore the Calm” physically and emotionally with the quiet and passive restorative yin practices.” 
Often in our daily lives we are so busy doing and being  we forget to stop and find that quiet, calm place within.  By staying the poses for a longer period we have the opportunity to soften into the edges and to hear the deep inner calling from our own hearts and let go of the negative stress and unwanted tension.  What we find once we have let go in body and mind is a new sense of space and calm.
       * Monday / 7-8:15pm / 1st Mar – 29th Mar / $110
       * Thursday / 5:30 -6:45pm / 4th Mar – 25th Mar / $88
       * Saturday / 10:30 – 11:45am / 6th Mar – 27th Mar /  $88

Hatha Courses Theme:  “Outer changes reflected inwards”.  
One of the gifts of Hatha Yoga is that it has practices for every season. Our Yoga practice this term will adapt to Nature’s changing qualities and balance the air and space elements of Vata within. We will do grounding and balancing poses, deep twists, meditation, breathing, deep relaxation and sound healing.  

  • Monday / 5:30-6:45pm/ 1st Mar -29th  / $110
  • Wednesday / 9:45-11am /  3rd Mar – 31st Mar / $110
  • Friday / 5th Mar – 26th Mar / $88
  • Saturday / 6th Mar – 27th Mar /  $88