Latest Happenings / Courses & Workshops

Bookings Essential for the following workshops & courses.
Min & Max numbers apply. Check for more details 
Prices $25 drop in class, $200 for 10 class pass valid 3 months.

Please pay using Direct Transfer not Bpay to BSB 812170 / Ac 169396 Teachers Mutual Bank Yogatopia and send email receipt too

Own mat required. Available for $15 at studio for 6mm extra thick sticky mat.

Celebrate  10 Years of Yogatopia and Christmas Time
6pm  Saturday 16thNovember
RSVP by 10thNov to

REIKI TRANSMISSIONS for emotional healing
Group Reiki healing classes twice a month Friday 7pm $25. Must book with
Nov 8th – letting go and inviting in joy
Nov 22nd – release stress and get grounded

These classes are a way through self healing while receiving healing using embodiment, meditation and Reiki. Working deeply through your emotional attachments assisted by the gentle energies of Reiki. We begin the class with some journaling to identify what it is your ready to surrender, followed by an intension setting meditation. In a relaxed an supported lying position you are guided through an embodiment process while receiving a Reiki transmission, group healing. Must text Maya Ridoux Sweeney 0415252938.

The Power of Love 6 Week Healing Course with Dhanraj                   
7.30-9pm Thurs 24thOct – Thurs 28thNov / 

$132 or $25 casual class
The Power of Self Love: the incredible sensation you get when you feel fulfilled. When you are full of yourself. You must be full of yourself to share with anyone. You have to be overflowing. 
Love unites us, love frees us, love harmonises our chakras, tunes the nervous and glandular systems. Love transcends, heals and transforms.  These classes are dedicated to the Infinite power of the heart – LOVE.
“Love is a creative energy, an experience of one’s Self within oneself. Love knows no pain—no sacrifice is too much for it”
“In love we honor. In love we grace people. In love we support. In love we sacrifice. In love we give. In love we elevate. In love we pray.”
“Human love is for one thing only: to love your soul. The Infinite world around you will be in love with you.”-Yogi Bhajan

I AM Peace……Peace IS in ME  Gong/Sound Healing – with Dhanraj(Jo)                        
Friday 15th Nov  /  7-8:15pm / $25  

Healing comes from inside, consciousness changes from our core. It is from a cellular level and from the depths of our mind and soul that we release the chaos and confusion within. As we clear from within we attain balance, clarity and wisdom. This inner alignment creates harmony in the outer world.   Time to align with Peace………………..It exists right here right now.  Join us for some light yoga on a journey and transformation in the same way Yogi’s have for thousands of years. Using the intricate, complex, holistic resonance of the Gong and crystal bowls we move into a spontaneous state of meditation and deep relaxation. We transform the mind, body and spirit through the vibrations of the sound current.

Yin Bliss – Restorative Rewind– 5 Week Course with Cheree  
Mondays 28th Oct – 25th Nov  / 7-8:15pm / $110 / $25 casual

 Yin Yoga is a passive, deeply meditative and relaxing yet powerful form of Yoga that uses long slow stretches, breath awareness and guided imagery to heal at the deepest level. Very popular class please book early if interested.  Passive postures are held for several minutes each to target the connective tissue and fascia around the muscles, ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body. The aim is to create pressure or a build-up of energy to generate change and relieve unnecessary tension. Then when you let go you physically, mentally, emotionally you can experience a deep sense of peace, openness and oneness. This practice is suitable for all ages and stages and is a great adjunct to more dynamic and muscular practices.

PRIMORDIAL SOUND MANTRA (PSM) Meditation Workshop with Gabriella as certified by Deepak Chopra 

Saturday, 30 November: 12pm to 5pm & Sunday, 1 December: 9am to 1pm $290 limited time offer (saving $70) 
Receive your personal meditation mantra – calculated according to your birthplace, date, and time –Gabriella La Rosa, a Chopra Certified meditation teacher, will guide you in the practice of Primordial Sound Meditation (PSM) with simple-to-master tools and techniques to help you create an enjoyable daily meditation practice that fits into your life and schedule – so you’ll want to sustain it for years to come. During the workshop, you will discover and learn how to:
∞         Give up the strain or will to empty your mind– and relax into the natural flow of a simple and effective meditation process.
∞         Know what it means when thoughts arise – and how to centre. 
∞         Create a real expectation about meditation that allows you to practice it successfully– while enjoying it!
∞         Establish (or deepen) a practice that feels like a natural way of living – and use it as a powerful pathway to ultimately living a more meaningful, satisfying, and joyful life. Book at

Yoga Therapy in Japanese

Saturday TBA November
10:30-11:45am /  $40 for 2 sessions, $25 for drop in

Yoga Therapy fuses the body with the mind to produce a deep inner peace through focussing on deep breathing and repetition of stretching and movements. It’s especially beneficial for those who experience chronic tiredness, stress, a shortage of concentration and physical inflexibility. Sessions will be taught in Japanese but additional English instruction will 
also be provided for non-Japanese attendees. Bookings and contact email: phone : 0432 499 946

 Creativity Comes from Stillness Yoga Retreat

2pm Friday 21st February  ~ 1pm Sunday 23rd February 2020 ~ 11 spots only

Join Cheree for a small group weekend of Yoga, meditation, bushwalking and wellness activities at the beautiful Vanam retreat centre. There will also be time to explore the local area and contect with new and old friends.

Late Summer is the time of the nurturing Earth element and governs the Stomach and Spleen (and Pancreas) and rules our digestive vitality.  This time of year is all about balance, centering, grounding, self-nurturing and self-cultivation and it provides us some excellent opportunities to nourish our bodies, especially the digestive system.   This a powerful time to fully ripen and transform, using the last of summer’s bountiful energy. 

Vanam Retreat is situated on 40 acres of native bushland at Mt Victoria Blue Mountains NSW & nestled in a lovingly nurtured garden sanctuary, Vanam Retreat is a living, breathing, earth home, made from eco-friendly resources such as straw, cob, clay, earth renders, recycled bricks & restored timbers. With solar power, rain water, veggie patch and orchard, we do our best to minimise our footprint and welcome like-minded people to share this sacred place for sacred practice. See workshop page for prices.

Change the Patterns of the Past” Christmas / New Year 3 day Yoga Intensive with Cheree

Sat 28, Sun 29 & Mon 30 Dec ’19            9am to Noon / $180 or $70 a day

Remember if nothing changes then nothing changes. Do something to move you beyond the inertia and patterns of the past. We will explore yoga, healing and wellness practices to set up the New Year consciously.

As well as offering Private Yoga Therapy              sessions, Cheree is also a Spiritual Healer.She offers Aurasoma Colour Therapy Sessions which are used as tool to identify the deep seated cause of issues. She then uses her 7 years of psychology training to help you deal and heal what you have been holding onto. Cheree also teachers Buteyko Breathingwhich is a natural approach to asthma, anxiety and sleep disturbances such as snoring. Sessions are $110 each or 3 for $300

Bookings Essential for the following workshops & courses. E:


A missed appointment affects 3 people. You, the instructor and the person wanting the time set aside for you. For the livelihoods of our instructors a cancellation policy must be enforced. 

  • 24 hour cancellation policy for all workshops and studio private sessions. The full fee will be charged.
  • 5 week blocks are valid for 5 consecutive weeks and we allow session/class makeups only within the same 5 week block. 
  • 10 class passes are for open classes only and must be used in 3 months from date of purchase.
  • Casual attendance must be booked and paid prior and all studio sessions and workshops, classes can be paid on the day of attendance. 
  • If you are a NO SHOW to your booked session or class without cancelling at least 24 hours prior you will be charged in full. 
  • No exchanges or refunds are given unless with a doctor’s certificate stating that you are unable to continue your training for medical reasons. Sudden illness and exceptional emergency situations may be arranged separately by contacting the studio manager. 

These guidelines will be strictly enforced as failure to do so affects us all. We do apologise for any inconvenience. 


What’s Your Yoga Story??
Over the past few weeks/ months / years really I have been told to write down all the amazing miracles / life changing events I have witnessed as a result of people’s yoga/ healing practices. There have really been so many I have forgotten them all. Can you briefly share with me what happened for you as it may just inspire others who have lost hope, are in the dark or just want inspiration to keep going. I would also love a photo of you / the injury?

“At a recent business retreat, I invited Cheree Price ( to provide an early morning practice that would set participants up for a day of learning and co-creating. She provided a practice of gentle stretches, strengthening energisers and quiet self-connection that was accessible to all. In addition, participants left with the knowledge and skills to use the practice in their lives beyond work.  

As a coach who works with teams and individuals, it matters to me that my clients come to coaching supported in their well-being. I highly recommend Cheree (with her 30 years of teaching multiple forms of yoga) as your “go to” provider as you support employees to thrive”.

Anne Deane
Communication and Leadership Coach

“Well..   Where do I start ? The tone , the preparation, the finer details were all perfectly refined for a wonderful explore of our yoga practice and our souls We loved everything . Food and accommodation was great as well “. Love Deb and PHIL “Thank you Cheree and Jo for the most wonderful yoga retreat. I know I feel enriched and enlightened by it. You are both truly amazing teachers who give so much and I feel blessed to be one of your students”. Fiona X 

“Cheree and Jo, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. This was by far the best retreat I have been on to date. Not only was it an incredible bonding time with my mum, i also feel that the shift within was very powerful. It was a very intense retreat but you both were so organised and had put so much thought into the planning that it really worked well. I have nothing but the strongest praise and appreciation. P.s I cant believe the change in my mum!” Lauren

“I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most memorable experience. Made doubly so by bonding with Lauren. I feel like a new person……totally invigorated with energy, love & good vibes. Everywhere I went yesterday people smiled at me! Gillian

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