Note: Studio Closed 9th -25th April.

NOTE: Bookings are ESSENTIAL to confirm there are sufficient numbers to run classes. Email or call Cheree to confirm please. E: / 0403153353

Breathe Yourself Into Balance
“There are two reasons the mind moves about,” the Yogakundali Upanishad tells us: “the breath and the vasanas (deep-seated mental/emotional habits).” Recognizing the profound connection between the nervous system and the respiratory system, the verse continues with a promise: “If one is controlled, then the other is also controlled.” And no one who has tried to work with their mind will doubt the wisdom of the next line: “Of these two, the breath should be controlled first.”
The breath is the external manifestation of vital energy, or prana. By controlling the breath we can learn to control prana, and because prana sets the mind in motion, by controlling the breath we control the mind. The pranayama practices of hatha yoga offer various techniques for developing control of the breath. 

Hatha and Yin Classes will focus on the Breathe to restore physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. 

In HATHA classes we will incorporate poses and practices for Balance, Flexibility and Strength. Yoga means “union“. If you are too flexible this leads to weakness and lack of stability and strength. If you are too tight you lack flexibility and can become rigid in mind and body.  Hatha yoga is the art of physical postures, actions, and breathwork to achieve this state of union through the body/mind. Through the practice of physical poses, breathwork, meditation, and relaxation, you’ll develop more flexibility, strength, and inner peace.  Awareness of your True Self – the unlimited potential within – is awakened, as the blocks to becoming that greater Self are revealed through the practice. Gradually, you release those blocks, and bring forth new possibilities in body and mind! You’ll also notice improvements with back problems, balance, ability of the mind to focus, digestion, quality of sleep, and many other physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits. 

  • Wednesday 9:45 -11am  / HATHA /  27 April – 25 May / 5 weeks / $110 / $25 Casual
  • Wednesday 5:30-6:45pm  / GENTLE HATHA / 27 April – 25 May / 5 weeks /  $110 / $25 Casual (Suitable for Beginners)
  • Wednesday 7- 8:15pm / 27 April – 25 May  / HATHA RESTORATIVE  5 weeks  / $110 / $25 Casual (Suitable for Beginners)
  • Friday 9:45 -11am  / HATHA / 29 April – 27 May / 5 weeks  $110 / $25 Casual
  • Saturday 9-10:15am  / HATHA / 30 April – 28 May / 5 weeks $110 / $25 Casual
  • Monday 5:30- 6:45pm  / HATHA  / 2 MAY – 30 May /  5 weeks / $110 / $25 Casual

In YIN classes we explore Letting Go of muscles, tension and stress. It can be challenging to stop the train of daily occupation. To stop and listen to your own voice and what it has to say. Are you still doing what you want? Are you living the life you want, with people that support and inspire you? Is there something that keeps bothering you under the surface that you need to look into in order to clear the way to your psychophysical happiness and freedom?
Yin Restorative classes use a variety of floor based restorative postures held for several minutes to create long stretches in a passive way. Breathing techniques, meditations, mudras and mantras to nourish, balance and heal the parasympatheic nervous system and create and deep sense of peace and relaxation.

  • Thursday 5:30-6:45pm  / YIN / 28 April- 26 May / 5 Weeks $110 / $25 Casual 
  • Saturday 10:30- 11:45am  / YIN / 30 April – 28 May  / 5 Weeks $110 / $25 Casual
  • Monday 7-8:15pm / YIN  / 2 May – 30 May  / 5 Weeks /  $110 / $25 Casual

On line ZOOM classes will continue for those who are not able to get to classes.   They will run at the same time as general classes. 
Please register interest and have a mat, eye covering, strap and couple of pillows available in case required

Upcoming Retreats in 2022                      

Wybalena Organic Farm BYRON BAY HINTERLAND A 5 day / 4 night


Retreat 16-20th Sept ’22

Bookings Essential for the following workshops & courses. Min & Max numbers apply.  Own mat required.  Casual visits only possible if courses are not full.  If you miss a class please make up with any class during the week and that block.  Own mat required.  

Please pay using Direct Transfer not Bpay to BSB 812170 / Ac 169396 Teachers Mutual Bank Yogatopia and send email receipt too


Yoga Therapy in Japanese language with Rie

Saturday 10:30-11:45am fortnightly $40 for 2 sessions / $25 drop in

Yoga Therapy fuses the body with the mind to produce a deep inner peace through focussing on deep breathing and repetition of stretching and movements. It’s especially beneficial for those who experience chronic tiredness, stress, a shortage of concentration and physical inflexibility. Sessions will be taught in Japanese but additional English instruction will 
also be provided for non-Japanese attendees. Bookings and contact email: phone : 0432 499 946

Private Yoga, Healing, EFT, Colour Therapy and Breathing Sessions

with Cheree

As well as offering Private Yoga Therapy  sessions, Cheree is also a Spiritual Healer.She offers Aurasoma Colour Therapy Sessions which are used as tool to identify the deep seated cause of issues. She then uses her 7 years of psychology training to help you deal and heal what you have been holding onto. Cheree also teachers Buteyko Breathing which is a natural approach to asthma, anxiety and sleep disturbances such as snoring. Sessions are $120 each or 3 for $300 Bookings Essential for the following workshops & courses. E:


A missed appointment affects 3 people. You, the instructor and the person wanting the time set aside for you.  For the livelihoods of our instructors a cancellation policy must be enforced.

24 hour cancellation policy for all workshops and studio private sessions. The full fee will be charged. 

Course blocks are valid for consecutive weeks and we allow session / class makeups only within the same block.  We know things sometimes happen so discuss making up missed class in another class. 

All studio sessions, courses and workshops, must be paid prior or on the day of attendance. 

If you are a NO SHOW to your booked session or workshop without cancelling at least 24 hours prior you will be charged in full. 

No exchanges or refunds are given unless with a doctor’s certificate stating that you are unable to continue your training for medical reasons. Sudden illness and exceptional emergency situations may be arranged separately by contacting the studio manager. 

These guidelines will be strictly enforced as failure to do so affects us all. We do apologise for any inconvenience. 


“At a recent business retreat, I invited Cheree Price ( to provide an early morning practice that would set participants up for a day of learning and co-creating. She provided a practice of gentle stretches, strengthening energisers and quiet self-connection that was accessible to all. In addition, participants left with the knowledge and skills to use the practice in their lives beyond work.  

As a coach who works with teams and individuals, it matters to me that my clients come to coaching supported in their well-being. I highly recommend Cheree (with her 30 years of teaching multiple forms of yoga) as your “go to” provider as you support employees to thrive”. Anne Deane Communication and Leadership Coach

“Well..   Where do I start ? The tone , the preparation, the finer details were all perfectly refined for a wonderful explore of our yoga practice and our souls We loved everything . Food and accommodation was great as well “. Love Deb and PHIL “Thank you Cheree and Jo for the most wonderful yoga retreat. I know I feel enriched and enlightened by it. You are both truly amazing teachers who give so much and I feel blessed to be one of your students”. Fiona X 

“Cheree and Jo, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. This was by far the best retreat I have been on to date. Not only was it an incredible bonding time with my mum, i also feel that the shift within was very powerful. It was a very intense retreat but you both were so organised and had put so much thought into the planning that it really worked well. I have nothing but the strongest praise and appreciation. P.s I cant believe the change in my mum!” Lauren

“I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the most memorable experience. Made doubly so by bonding with Lauren. I feel like a new person……totally invigorated with energy, love & good vibes. Everywhere I went yesterday people smiled at me! Gillian